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"Our success stories continue to grow as the days go by. Too many to be noted down, all we can say, is that by now, we have made our presence felt in the civic circles in the firmest possible way. Also we have made the word Right to Information a household name in Pune, that we think is the most successful of our stories."
Protecting the public properties for the public for days to come
It started with the a resolution passed by the General Body Standing Committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), bestowing the right of a sports complex to the then Chairman of the Standing Committee, for 30 years, with out a calling for proper tenders, in the year 2001. This amounted to day light robbery of public property.

Angered by this brazen flouting of the law, we filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court, praying for the Court's intervention in the matter. While arguing in its favor, the PMC, had stated that leasing out properties in this manner was "their long standing committee". The Honourable High Court, came down heavily on the civic body and ordered it to take back the sports complex land with immediate effect. Also, the Justices passed an order, directing the civic body to frame a proper Land Allocation Policy, to prevent the misuse or encroachment of public land in the future.

However, to get the civic body to act on the directions of the Honourable Court we had to fight tediously for six long years. The present Land Allocation Policy was framed in the year 2008, and since then the PMC has identified more than 4,5000 such properties. Work is underway to take over those properties.

Another important facet of this story, is that when we had asked under the Right to Information about the properties of the civic body leased out with out tender, it was revealed that a proper data base was not maintained by the PMC. It was only after repeated notices that the PMC has started maintaining the same.

This brazen encroachment of public land goes on rampantly, through out the nation and it is our earnest desire that the people in various parts of the country start the process of rectifying the same, using the Right to Information.