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In this motherland of ours, the cradle of civilization, seems to be rocked by injustices and bad governance. The mission in front of us, is simple. We want to usher in an era of good governance and social justice, which will go a long way to foster and augment in raising the quality of living of each and every citizen of India.

The way we want to advocate and take is also clear in front of us. Using the tools of Right to Information, and Public Interest Litigation (PIL) , we want to make those in power accountable to the faceless and nameless citizens, whose taxes fuel the Juggernaut of Governance.

The long term mission that we have taken is to make the citizens aware of their rights. An aware citizenry empowered by the Right to Information, will be able to fight out for their rights. By evangelizing about the rights of citizens, we want to create an Utopia, where the common man is no longer at the mercy of those in power. Instead the wishes and aspiration of those on the street becomes the cornerstone of policy making for the bureaucratic and political leadership.